Where can I buy OPAL R-III ?

All of our cosmetic items including OPAL R-III can be purchased at our official stores all over Japan. Please call our customer service to find the nearest store in your area. “Face to Face” customer service is very important to us, and our beauty advisors will support and advice the best skin care for you. For this reason, our products are available only at our official stores, not by mail order.


Customer Service :
E-mail : cs@opal-co.co.jp
Telephone : 06-6762-7711
Business Hours : Mon. – Fri. 9:00 – 12:00 / 13:00 – 17:00 (Japan Time)
Website : http://www.opal-co.co.jp

What is the difference between Medicated OPAL and Medicated OPAL R-III ?

OPAL R-III is an upgraded version of OPAL which is mainly made from Japanese and Chinese herbs. OPAL RIII contains not only Japanese and Chinese herbs but also western herbs. R-III stands for 3 Rs – “Rich” “Rapid” “Recovery.” OPAL RIII ‘s richer ingredients will be absorbed into your skin rapidly, so your skin will recover its beauty and clearness. OPAL R-III is especially recommended to sensitive skin.

What is the origin of the naming of OPAL ?

Our skin is made of protein which is a very important factor for healthy and beautiful skin. Did you know that a precious stone opal is a fossilized protein? The name “OPAL” does represent our earnest desire to support your beautiful skin.

What are themes for a horseshoe-shapes bottle and a trade mark design ?

In Japan, we have a saying that “Cranes live 1,000 years and Tortoises live 10,000 years.” And OPAL’s tortoiseshell-shaped cap symbolizes an excellent quality skin-care product which will be used and loved by our customers for years and years.


Its horseshoe-shaped bottle has an origin in western good-luck charm.


■7 horseshoe fastenings
A lucky number “7”fastenings are decorated on a horseshoe-shaped bottle.


Owls are guardians for the night. And Owl-designed trade mark symbolizes that OPAL keeps your skin healthy and beautiful while you are deep in sleep at night. Owls are also messengers of Minerva ※Goddess for Medicine in the Roman myths.
So, this Owl-designed trade mark represents our hope that OPAL will restore your healthy skin.


The earth designed in OPAL’s trade mark represents our deepest desire for well-being of all lives on this earth.