About OPAL

Corporate Profile
Corporate Name
Date of Establishment
March 12th 1926
Date of Incorporation
March 23rd 1954
Paid-in Capital
Board of Directors
Motoyuki Sasaki
External Director
Naoyuki Ishihara
Keiji Ishikawa
Sumiko Miyashita
Office Locations
(Headquarters & Factory)
4-2-59 Kusaka-cho, Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka 579-8003 Japan (Map)
Office Locations
(Control Division)
1-21-11 Uemachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0005 Japan (Map)
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(Customer Service )

History of Sankodo Co., Ltd.

For the good of people, for the good of the world.

This principle was a starting point of Sankodo Co., Ltd.

The origin of this company principle can be found in a life philosophy of our founder Umeji Sasaki. Umeji was born as a son of seafood wholesaler in a historical town Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima prefecture, Japan in 1890.

Back in the early 20th century, due to a poor freezing and refrigeration technology, many people whose diet was consisted mainly of seafood were suffering from skin troubles, and Umeji's family members and employees were not the exceptions.

Umeji's life philosophy "For the good of people, for the good of the world" spurs him to action to overcome this skin issue. Umeji started to study galenicals of Chinese herbs on his own, and succeeded in making up brilliant golden liquid. This liquid cured people's skin troubles, and people came to call it "Miracle Water."

After this success, Umeji decided to establish a cosmetic company to make this "Miracle Water" available for more people. Umeji named the miracle water "Beauty Essence : OPAL", wishing it to be a very essence of beauty and to support for a healthy and brilliant skin like a precious stone opal. Under the slogan of "Preventive care is the best treatment for all illnesses", Sankodo Co. , Ltd. (OPAL Cosmetics) started its business in Osaka in 1925.

Though there was a period of time that Sankodo was closed for several years during WWII, it resumed its business in 1946. Since then, Sankdo is growing and expanding steadily.

In 1998, Nikkei Office (Design) Award-winning new office building was built, and now it plays a big role as a steady base for our corporate activity in this new century.

Sankodo Co., Ltd. promises to provide more value-added service and to offer excellent cosmetic items for the good of people, and for the good of the world always.